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In addition to water proofing your roof, the two part spray foam roof also increases your R- value in your ceiling with an approximate of 87% thermal efficiency, you can expect to save drastically of your heating and cooling costs.

We offer full roof systems warranty with all of our commercial roofing projects to suit your needs and offer year to year walk arounds and touch ups.

Commercial Roofing

Tired of constantly replacing that built up tar and gravel roofing. ?

All spray offers full roofing packages to suit you needs including 2 part full roofing systems. 

Spray foam roofing systems are applied by first removing the existing roofing system before applying spray foam, spray foam is applied at an average thickness of around 2'' and sloped at a minimum af 2% in order to achieve proper drainage. After the spray foam is applied, a poly urea coating is applied to provide structural integrity and protection from the elements. This two part system is extremely strong and resists much longer to traditional roofing systems. a re application of the top coating is required anywhere from 15-25 years.

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