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How Spray Foam can help

Does you home have drafts, cold basement, furnace running constantly? Most of these issues can be attributed to air movement within the building envelope. Because traditional fibreglass and cellulose insulation is notorious for convection currents and not properly sealing the building envelope, thermal inefficiencies arise causing heat to be gained or lost at a rapid rate. Both open and closed cell foam can greatly reduce these thermal inefficiencies by providing an air tight barrier in order to seal up the building envelope more effectively. 

Increased thermal efficiency of up to 40% can be seen by replacing or adding closed cell spray foam to your building envelope and although cost of initial investment is slightly higher then traditional insulation, pay off in terms of lower utility bills both in heating and cooling can be noticed immediately.

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More then just insulation

By adding closed cell spray foam to your residential application not only are you increasing the r-value and vapour control but also increasing the structural integrity of your walls, ceiling, basement, or joists. closed cell spray foam adds around a 300% increase in structural integrity to your project.

In addition to adding superior insulation, SPF also protects against mold, mildew and rodents unlike traditional insulation.

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